Eugenio Zoni

Eugenio Zoni

Junior Group Leader

University of Bern, Switzerland

About me

I am a Junior Group Leader at the Urology Research Laboratory, Department for BioMedical Research, University of Bern. My research interests include cancer biology, metabolomics and data analysis and visualization.

Beside research, I like to fix things and set-up small mechanical projects to maintain my car and motorcycle. I also like to work on home improvement to refurbish and maximize spaces in our tiny apartment.


  • Cancer Biology
  • Metabolomics
  • Data Analysis and visualization
  • Preclinical models


  • PhD in Molecular Medicine, 2016

    Leiden University, NL

  • MSc in Medical Biotechnology, 2011

    University of Milano-Bicocca, ITA

  • BSc in Biotechnology, 2009

    University of Milano-Bicocca, ITA


Lab work

I have 10 years work experience with in vitro cellular models (2D and 3D), standard molecular biology methods and optimization of functional assays to characterize therapy response and biological properties of cancer models

Data analysis

I work with R to analyse and visualize my data. I am familiar with R markdown, R blogdown and R shiny for reproducible reporting and interactive data visualization

Preclinical Research

I have 5 years work experience with establishment of patient derived xenograts and use of GEMMs for the study of primary and metastatic urological cancers



Junior Group Leader

Bern University

April 2021 – Present Switzerland
Responsibilities include:

  • Deputy director for animal studies, translational in vivo research in the personalized medicine framework.
  • Managing 4 different international research projects.
  • Coordinating: 2 lab technicians and running process of bioluminescent imaging (BLI).

Research Associate

Bern University

August 2019 – March 2021 Switzerland
Responsibilities include:

  • Conduct preclinical experimental research, in collaboration with Urology Clinic, INSELSpital.
  • Analyzing results.
  • Supervising master and graduate students.
  • Identify source of funding and outline the short-, mid-, and long-term plan of future research projects.

Visiting scientist

Helmholtz Zentrum Munich

January 2017 – December 2017 Germany
Responsibilities include:

  • Analysing MALDI-MSI data.
  • Familiarizing with MALDI-MSI.

Early Career Researcher

Bern University

July 2016 – July 2019 Switzerland
Responsibilities include:

  • Conduct basic and preclinical experimental research.
  • Analyzing results.
  • Supervising master and graduate students.

PhD student

Leiden University Medical Center

January 2012 – June 2016 The Netherlands
Responsibilities include:

  • Performing experiments.
  • Analysing results.
  • Supervising master students.
  • Writing reports.
  • Writing research publications.
  • Organizing conferences.

Research intern

IFOM Milan

October 2010 – December 2011 Italy
Responsibilities include:

  • Performing experiments.
  • Analysing results.
  • Supporting research activities.

5 Most Recent Publications

Fun facts

All my scientific work in one word(cloud)

This wordcloud contains the keywords from all my scientific publications

Ciao Italia!

My story as Italian emigrated abroad appeared in a book and was published on February 06, 2020.

Once I appeared in the newspaper

In 2016 I was interviewed by Corriere della Sera and discussed with Enzo Riboni my work experience abroad.

My PhD thesis in a small book

In Holland the PhD thesis are published as small real books

My life in the Netherlands

Holland has been my first - second home - and I was asked once to tell more about my experience in the Netherlands.

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