My life in the Netherlands

Holland has been my first - second home - and I was asked once to tell more about my experience in the Netherlands

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From 2012 to 2016 I lived and worked in the Netherlands and once I was asked to tell more about (my) life in Holland

Leaving your country, your family and your friends and move abroad to look for a job is a story that is very common among many of my former university and school mates. The most important thing, is to remember where you come from and not forget about your identity.

I was living in Holland for three years when Arianna Bassi asked me to tell my story to new graduates students on the Graduates Chronicle. My experience as young Italian post-grad student emigrated in Holland to do a PhD was summarized here (in Italian).

This was my very first interview and I cannot believe that sometimes I still receive messages from newly graduated Italian students, who read the interview and ask for some advices for housing or job opportunities in Holland.

Holland (as I like to call this beautiful land) is a fantastic country and it will always be part of my identity and of my story.

Eugenio Zoni
Eugenio Zoni
Postdoctoral Researcher

My research interests include cancer biology, metabolomics and data analysis.