Bone metastasis

Stroma transcriptomic and proteomic profile of prostate cancer metastasis xenograft models reveals conservation of bone microenvironment signatures

Selected stromal markers of osteoblastic PCa indicate a conserved mechanism of tumor cells to induce a stromal pre-metastatic signature with high potential prognostic or diagnostic value.

Therapeutic Targeting of CD146/MCAM Reduces Bone Metastasis in Prostate Cancer

This study highlights the functional application of an anti-MCAM mAb to target prostate cancer bone metastasis.

CRIPTO and its signaling partner GRP78 drive the metastatic phenotype in human osteotropic prostate cancer

This study highlights a functional role for CRIPTO and GRP78 in PCa metastasis and suggest that targeting CRIPTO/GRP78 signaling may have significant therapeutic potential.

A zebrafish xenograft model for studying human cancer stem cells in distant metastasis and therapy response

This review delineates the zebrafish CSC-xenograft model as a useful tool for both CSC biological study and anticancer drug screening.

The role of microRNAs in bone metastasis

In this review we present describe the role of miRs in the processing of the supportive bone microenvironment prior and after the bone colonization by cancer cells. Finally, future therapeutic strategies and perspectives are also discussed.

My PhD thesis in a small book

In Holland the PhD thesis are published as small real books

miR-25 Modulates Invasiveness and Dissemination of Human Prostate Cancer Cells via Regulation of αv- and α6-Integrin Expression

Our observations suggest that miR-25 is a key regulator of invasiveness in human prostate cancer through its direct interactions with αv- and α6-integrin expression.